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Oct 12, 2018

Episode 19! Story starts around 2:30 if you don't want to hear my yakking & excuse-making. 


Original story by sgam76

Musical arrangement by Matt Sams

A message to new subscribers

Aug 22, 2018

As you may have noticed, the episodes are in a rather confusing & incomplete order. This is due to the fact that I have switched to Libsyn from Wordpress, I've also changed the show title entirely, so older episodes aren't available here yet. 

I am working on remastering all of the prior episodes from Storytime with...

Jul 31, 2018

Original work by sgam76

The case comes to a head. Some lives end, and some hearts are broken.

Disclaimer: neither author or narrator make any claims to Sherlock Holmes or original BBC characters. 

This story contains adult language and themes. Be advised. 


Musical accompaniment arranged by Matt Sams. 

Follow Death by...

Apr 18, 2018

Sherlock purges himself of his first memory. It's as painful as it is cathartic.

Original story by sgam76


Neither author nor narrator claim any ownership of the properties or characters within the writing.

Story contains graphic violence, explicit language, and suggestive sexual content. Please be...